Bloodmoon, also known as "The Night of Death" was an occurrence throughout arc 1.

Bloodmoons took place on seemingly random nights. Once the sun rose in the morning, the bloodmoon would magically end.

Signs of a Bloodmoon

When a bloodmoon occurred, some warning signs would be available to alert travelers to safety. These warning signs included a blood red moon, a strange and horrific sound heard throughout the world, and a mysterious voice.

Once these signs were observed, travelers and residents had a very short amount of time to decide what they would do. People who have lived through many Bloodmoons often protected those who could not fend for themselves.

What Happened During Bloodmoons

When a bloodmoon occurred, monsters would be more prevalent, faster, and could deal much more damage. However, when slain, a monster could drop magical armor, weapons, and more. Travelers and residents had a choice, they could stick out the night and fight with others or take shelter. Newcomers often hid out at the Spawn where the Gods protected them from harm with a spell known as "Spawn Protection."

After a Bloodmoon

The morning after a bloodmoon players would regroup, count up their living and bury those who did not survive the night. Bloodmoons wrecked havoc on the world. Those brave enough to adventure the night and survive would count up their gear and what they managed to get from slain monsters.